Audio / Video communication

For growing and ongoing business partnerships, video calling is fast becoming a default mode of contact. Real Experts recognises that video is a key tool in business communication, used to maintain long-distance partnerships and sustain effective working relationships. Projects are location based and therefore physical meetings are not always possible, regular face-to-face contact in real time interactions facilitate the building of trust, which is crucial in collaborative working relationships.

Screen sharing & smart collaboration

Share Screen and show what you see. Share data and showcase virtual models in real time. The platform offers the ability to draw on the screen to highlight problem areas.

Mixed Reality

Projects are location based; accurate site data coupled with real time communication is key to greater collaboration. In Real Experts' platform we aim to integrate powerful VR/AR technology to power your communication and help  you display accurate information in multiple channels.

Video Conferencing

Effective collaboration requires being able to talk while you work together. With integrated video conferencing, you can have up to 6 participants viewing directly in your Real Experts' platform without any additional meeting software. You can share screen and enable on-screen interactions directly with others.

Secure Meetings

You always control access so you can securely invite experts to a meeting, communicate with people inside and outside of your organization anywhere, anytime, on any device given that they have access to internet.

Create your own knowledge

We don't record or save conversations. However we do offer a service, on-demand basis, to have your conversations recorded and available to download for 48 hrs. So that you can refer to the conversation in the future,  get it converted and build your own knowledgebase.


Seamless and user friendly experience when communicating through our platform. No need to download any software or registration. Simply arrange a meeting with experts and you will receive an email with further instructions.

Connecting Individuals . Building Relationships . Improving Communication

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